How OilBud Works


OilBud is an oil cooling system designed specifically for Harley Davidson motorcycles. All cooler adaptors and elements are made from 6061 T6 aluminum. There are corrugations on the inside of all the cooling passages for greater heat transfer. Fins are machined on the outer surface of the elements. This makes a huge cooling surface. (The reason it works in STOP AND GO TRAFFIC without fan assistance!) The wall thickness of the OilBud element is 3/32”, which makes for excellent protection against foreign object damage. All cooler fittings are JIC/ORB aircraft style fittings (chromed where visible). O-rings are used instead of leak prone gaskets.
Flow and Dissipation
The thermostatic heat motor begins to open when oil temperatures reach 180 °F. It is then fully open at 200°F. This process re-directs the oil flow through the OilBud system.As the oil channels through the elements the thousands of fins allow the heat to dissipate. The process increases as it gets closer to the end of the system, which can make as much as a 35° – 45°F differential between the hot and cool side of the cooler.


OilBud fits up and inbetween the frame rails on the Touring and Softail models. On the Dyna models the OilBud element is in position, and is strong enough, to be used as a jack point. Along with being able to take a blast from a double barrel shotgun and being smashed with a sledgehammer, the ability to withstand road debri and even to be used as a jackpoint is a testament to how strong the OilBud is.
Photo by Jeff G. Holt.

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