What is the word on OilBud?

OilBud™ is the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson motorcycles and the response from the media proves it! American Iron, Baggers, Thunderpress and others speak highly of our quality, reliability and cooling power. Here is a selection of magazine and newspaper articles, press releases and blogs, that give some insight on how exceptional our oil coolers are. Find out what the word is… on OilBud™. If you want a more personal outlook, check out what customers have to say in our Testimonials!

Thunderpress Install and Review

Thunderpress OilBud install and review. "A month later, on a sunny, 81-degree day, I took the bike on a 100-mile ride on the Interstate and the temperature held at 195. From past experience my oil temperature would have been running around the 230 mark. Impressive, but I still wanted to see how it would work in city traffic. I pulled off the Interstate and rode down one of the city streets in stop-and-go traffic. I carefully watched the oil temperature gauge, which never displayed above 210. Now for the final test—back on the Interstate and up to highway speed to see if the temperature would go back down. The next exit was just three miles away and by the time I got there the oil temperature was back to 195. Yet another reason to be impressed. If you are considering an aftermarket oil cooler that is easy to install and lives up to its claims, I would recommend checking out the Oil Bud." - Larry King July 22, 2014

(PRWEB) March 23, 2012

American Iron Magazine Features Bud’s Bike Parts’ Oil Bud Oil Cooler for Harley Davidsons In a recent review of Oil Bud Oil Cooler in American Iron Magazine, the product was recognized as one the unique and outstanding product on the market. There is good news for Harley Davidson’s owners seeking to protect their motor bike’s engine, Helena, MT’s leading bike parts specialist provider, Bud’s Bike’s Parts, today announces the Oil Bud Oil Cooler, a product that keeps oil temperature in line and is virtually undetectable.

Northwest Harley Blog: He Rides a Harley

"Last month Clarke announced an updated design which provides Harley-Davidson owners who’ve added modifications to their motorcycle (i.e. Baker Oil Pans, True-Track, Center Stands and Softails outfitted with ABS) the ability to install an OilBud™ and will keep the oil temperature 30 degrees cooler or more than an engine without the device." All Rights Reserved © Northwest Harley Blog

Bikernet Install and Review

"Everyone agrees adding an oil cooler to their air cooled Harley-Davidsons motorcycle is a good idea. So which one? Some work better than others. You have the units that look like a little car radiator was added to the down tubes. Though they do the job of cooling, they are not always attractive even with some fancy covers over them. ...My kit came with a polished aluminum adapter for the external oil lines to hook to. The quality of the workmanship was very evident and made me more convinced to install it."- Rogue

American Iron Install

"After we removed the stock oil cooler and added the Oil Bud cooler, we got the following average temperature readings when the ambient temperature was 85: oil temp 180, front head 170, rear head 200. For the idle test, it took twice as long (eight minutes) for both heads to reach 250 F with a rear cylinder shutdown. We also measured the temperature of the oil going into and out of the Oil Bud cooler. These readings were taken right at the cooler fittings after the bike was just sitting in a parking lot idling for several minutes. We found an average of 175 F going in and 130 F coming out for a very impressive average temperature drop of 45 degrees!" -

Baggers Install With Dakota Digital Part 1 and 2

"Being that our baggers are air-cooled it is crucial to keep the lifeblood of our engine, the oil, at cool operating temperatures. Though the stock oil cooling system does an adequate job, we always prefer to install an aftermarket oil cooler on our bikes due to the long rides we take as well as our not-so-regular oil change intervals." Baggers Install With Dakota Digital Part 2

Baggers Install

I was impressed to see that it was made out of extruded aluminum with machined fin tips throughout the cooler not rows of thin aluminum strips stacked and spaced around oil tubes. It mounts up a tad higher on the frame rails about the same as the crossover for the exhaust and trans hangs. After reading the instructions it was a straightforward install.