OilBud Answers Questions

Q: How does the OilBud™ work in stop and go traffic?
A: The OilBud™ oil cooler for Harley Davidson motorcycles is made from extruded aluminum with fins machined in it.This leaves a large surface area exposed to the open air. Also the passages inside the oil cooler extrusions are corrugated. This allows for heat to be transferred from your motorcycle oil to the open air – even with no airflow over it.

Q: Will rocks and debris or even curbs hurt the OilBud™ oil cooler?
A: NO. The OilBud™ oil cooler for Harley Davidson motorcycles fits up between the frame rails. This leaves the bike’s frame rail to take the brunt. Rocks and debris have not bent one OilBud™ oil cooler FIN even after thousands of miles. We’ve run durability tests including beating the cooler with a 5 pound hammer and blasting it with a 12 gauge shotgun at 20 paces, after which the oil cooler was pressured to 150 psi. In both cases, the OilBud ™ took the abuse and still performed.

Q: Can the Harley motorcycle be jacked up on a frame rail motorcycle jack?
A: Yes, the oil cooler fits between the frame rails of the motorcycle and is positioned higher than the bottom of the rails. This allows the bike to be raised with a jack.

Q: Can you use a jack on the DYNA?
A: YES. The DYNA frame rails are narrower than the touring or softail frames. However, the cooler does sit higher than the rub bar under the frame. It is easy to jack up the Dyna with the OilBud because it is durable enough to use the back element as a jack point.

Q: Can you change the oil with the oil cooler in place?
A: YES. It is tight on Harley Touring models. However, if you leave the dipstick in the oil reservoir for the first minute or so; then you remove the motorcycle’s oil plug, the oil flow will not drip on the OilBud™ oil cooler.

Q: Does OilBud increase my oil capacity?
A: Yes, but only marginally. The OilBud system will add about a half pint to your capacity. After installation, remember to re-check your oil to make sure you top it off.

Q: Do I use the ABS model for my Softail CVO?
A: NO. Because of the placement of the ABS on the Softail CVO, it is recommended you use the non-ABS OilBud.

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