Dyna Model 6 Speed

dyna 6 speed


The Harley Davidson Dyna Standard model. This design turned out really well. We were able to keep the cooler hidden away while using the original OilBud™ cooler technology to keep your engine cool.

  • Machined Adapter Plate
  • DY606-12M 06/12 Harley Dyna6 Speed Machined
  • DY613-16M 13/16 Harley Dyna6 Speed Machined


What a great ride – on a Harley Davidson Dyna model, knowing that your motorcycle engine is not running too hot. Protect your initial investment & know that your engine is operating at optimum temperatures.

  • Polished Aluminum Adapter Plate.
  • DY606-12P 06/12 Harley Dyna 6 Speed Polished
  • DY613-16P 13/16 Harley Dyna 6 Speed Polished

Black Powder Coated

What could be better than smooth ride on a Harley Dyna model, than knowing your motorcycle engine is not running too hot, that you’re not risking your initial investment & that your engine is operating at optimal temps.

  • Black Powder Coated Adapter Plate.
  • DY606-12B 06/12 Harley Dyna 6 Speed Black Powder Coat
  • DY613-16B 13/16 Harley Dyna 6 Speed Black Powder Coat

Product Quality

OilBud™ Coolers keep oil temps cooler and they are virtually undetectable. All coolers are made from 6061 T6 extruded aluminum. There are ridges on the inside of all the cooling passages for greater heat transfer. Fins are machined on the outer surface of the extrusion. This makes a huge cooling surface which is the reason it works in STOP AND GO TRAFFIC! The wall thickness is 3/32″. It is very durable. All cooler fittings are JIC/ORB (chromed where visible).

  • All cooler Hoses are high pressure braided stainless Teflon with brass JIC crimp on brass fitting. (chromed where they are visible).
  • All adapters are machined from 6061 T6 billet. O rings are used throughout, not leak prone gaskets. It is regulated; thermostat opens at 185º …fully open at 200º.

*2013-2016 Dyna Models require separate install instructions. Be sure to pay attention to your part number.
*Please call (406) 457-2458 if you have any of the following aftermarket products:

Precision Machine Forward Controls
Medallion Gauges
Dakota Digital Gauges

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