“After searching for something to cool oil temps on my 2011 FLHX I found OilBud oil coolers. The claims are true about the temp drop(35 degrees),no 12v fans whistling, no power draw at all….straight forward installation,no leaks….happy camper….thanks Bil, Bud, and anybody else involved with this product.”
– Roger Feltner
“These are the best oil coolers made and only oil coolers that truly work. Do not waste a nickel on anything else. Bud, you make a great product and provide great support. My customers couldn’t be more happy, they’re more comfortable and your product allows me to give them reliable power without failure. Thanks for your work.”
– Steve Huff of Steve Huff Motorsports
“Hey just wanted to let you know that after 2 hours on a Dyno at RC Cycles of Hayward California (30 + years experience) the technician was amazed and stated that he never seen a Twin Cam run so cool… The oil temp never went over 210 and the average cylinder temp was around 240 to 260.”
– James
“I put 17,000 miles on my bike without the oil bud and a little over 3,000 miles with the oilbud (Oil bud was on my bike all summer 2010). I am very adamant about taking care of engines so I have watched my my oil temperatures since the bike was new. The first two summers would produce oil temps as high as 250 with one 260 reading. this would keep me awake at night. After a 50 plus mile ride in the summer I would never see oil temps below 220 and the 220 had to be late evening riding. Any day riding produced 240 minimum. POST OIL BUD: After riding 3000 plus miles this summer in temperatures ranging from 85 and below to plenty 95 – 103 day riding I can say the oil bud works for me. I have not seen any oil temperatures above 205 degrees this summer and that was a 55 mile ride at 75 mph down the interstate with an outside temperature of 105 in east texas. Most of my oil temp readings now are 200 and below. My legs may still get warm but they don’t fry like eggs anymore. i don’t think I’ll ever see a 250 or 260 oil temp reading again. Certainly the money I spent on the oil bud was defiantly an investment not an expense.”
– J.C
“Put the oil bud on.. made a 500 mile trip in 98 degree weather and it never got over 205. I’m riding an 04 Ultra. We were running 80-85 miles an hour. This thing works; we would stop and it would take 50 to 60 miles to open the thermostat all the way back up. Best money I’ve spent on my bike in a long time. I would recommend this to any one who wants the motor to live. With out it, I would have been running 250 degrees.”
– Bruce
“Took a 75mi ride yesterday on my 2014 Limited. Temp 83,oil temp 225-230. Got home and UPS had delivered the Oil Bud I had ordered. Installed last night. Easy install, everything fit perfect. Took same ride today. Temp 94,Oil temp 185-190. Have used several cooler over the yrs Oil Bud does the best job cooling, and is best quality construction of any by far. Will be ordering two more soon.”
– Ricky Reed
Tim here from Moose Jaw, Sk.
This is a pic of my not so normal ’07 Softail Deluxe.(see Cooled by OilBud)
With a full summer’s run with your Oil Bud Cooler, I have to say I’m
impressed. My common ride mode is averaging 900 to 1100 MILES per day when I’m on the road. I like the extreme rides, Arctic Circle, Death Valley, Baja Mexico; anything from below freezing to 125 degrees above, that sort of stuff. So, when I ride I ride hard. With the Harley oil cooler on, the oil temp would continue to rise as the day went on. Shut downs while at a gas fill would give some relief to the oil temp but by days end the top end noise and just the over all feel and sound told me the oil was “spent”.
The next morning you start with cool oil and as the day goes on… you get the picture.
With your cooler now on the bike, the oil never gets as high as it did before and even with idling around in the heat at Sturgis and the oil temp going up a bit, once I hit the open road, the temp comes back down to normal within a couple minutes. ( otherwise -before- once the temp was up it would stay up and gradually climb higher. The only relief was to shut down for a bit)
It is so nice to ride hard all day and the motor sounds and feels as good at the end of the day as it does in the early morning. I also like how the thermostat works. Keeps the oil warm when its cool day. I like the fit and finish and the fact that is out of sight is great.
Thanks for your great craftsmanship.
Hope to pop by your way some time, I’ll stop by for a coffee…
– Tim